Support for developing the Bihor County education system

Support for developing the Bihor County education system

The three municipalities and six cities in Bihor county, members of ADD Bihor, benefit from financial support worth up to 450000 RON + VAT in order to develop their educational systems. Each municipality has established its priorities regarding the investment objectives for schools and kindergartens.

Salonta: The economic and educational center, rehabilitation and modernization of classrooms + fresh layer of asphalt in the yard of “Arany Janos” High School, air conditioning system for the gym in the city and a park equipped with outdoor fitness and playing equipment;

Beius: Rehabilitation of building block of the “Ioan Ciordas” College; Stei: “Miron Pompiliu” Gymnasium (equipping and repairing sports base), “Avram Iancu” National College (repairing parts of the building), “Unirea” Technological Highschool (repairing parts of the boarding facilities, video surveillance system for four locations and synthetic grass field);

Marghita: preparing a feasibility study for equipping and modernizing the “Horvath Janos” Theoretical Highschool and a technical project + execution for C1, which is comprised of a synthetic grass sports field;

Vascau: “Nicolae Bogdan” Gymnasium (rehabilitating the thermal station, sanitary groups, replacing doors, acquisition of electronic equipment for informatics laboratory, acquisition of school furniture, rehabilitating sports hall, designing and equipping sports fields, repainting the façade of the building);

Valea lui Mihai: Rehabilitation of the framework and cover of the building, as well as necessary equipment for machinist students laboratory and commercial workshop for the No. 1 Technological Highschool within the locality;

Nucet: repairing secondary body (workshop) of the No. 1 Gymnasium within the locality;

Sacueni: “Petofi Sandor” Theoretical Highschool in Sacueni (obtaining necessary authorizations for normal and legal operation as well as state of the art technological installations), No. 1 Technological Highschool in Cadea (archiving, surveillance and workshop and boarding facilities equipment services), “Toldy” Gymnasiom in Sannicolau de Munte (fixing the roof of the school and the heating system of the Cubulcut Kindergarten).

Support for developing the Bihor County education system